Decisions After Diagnosis

Once diagnosed with a certain health condition, regardless of being terminal or minor, the patient needs to make the decision if he or she accepts offered treatment or they if would decline treatment. In the case where a patient does decline standard treatment, they may look to alternative treatments that they come across or is recommended by someone they may know. These alternative methods could consist of home remedies or even globally accepted medical treatments that do not directly fall under the category of western medicine. The final decision is all in the hands of the patient, as that would be their life to spend and extend.

Western Medicine

Picking western medicine may seem like a safe and smart choice, but it also needs to be remembered that this field is not completely developed in every aspect. There are still problematic areas with not enough research done, which may result in improper care and or even in some scenarios, no cure at all. Even though this may be the situation in a few cases, many cures and antidotes to millions of health issues have been discovered through years of hard work, experimenting and research, which is why this success needs to be acknowledged and appreciated, just as well as the errors. When considering western medicine, it would be ideal to speak to experts, novices and even trusted associates who may have had experience with similar health conditions who chose western medicine above all other alternatives.

Eastern Medicine

Just as individuals may chose western medicine, part of the diagnosed population would chose eastern medicine. Eastern medicine has been around for over thousands of years, the treatment have been perfected over the years to achieve the ideal state that they have currently accomplished. One type of key treatment method in Eastern medicine would be Chinese medicine acupuncture Melbourne. This is a medicinal art where thin needles are inserted into parts of the body, this is said to immensely benefit the receiver.

There are different purposes for this technique, for instance IVF acupuncture, also known as In-Vitro Fertilization Acupuncture. Over the years, this technique has gained quite a considerable amount of popularity with increasing positive results, meaning increased fertility in women who have tried this procedure. Countless treatments can be found with the right amount of searching done in the right corners of the world.

Choosing Neither

Some patients may want to feel better after a diagnosis, while some simply give up on life and all its glory. This decision is certainly up to them, although family members would not simply let go of their ill loved one. Some stubborn patients might not budge from their decision to not get cured, while some may gain hope, not only for themselves but also for their families and friends. Life is too precious to simply sign out from, the chance to see and experience one more bright new morning seems worth all the trouble one may have to endure to reach this goal.