Hip Fracture- Are You At Its Risk?

Fractures are one of the most common ailments. Hip fracture is a painful and dangerous fracture that gets people into trouble. Hip fracture in young people is mainly the result of an accident. But elders are always at risk of falling and damaging hips. Ladies are more prone to bone fractures than men. This goes to the biological matters in a woman’s body.

After a certain age, women start to lose calcium of their bone. This leads to osteoporosis as well as arthritis which weaken the bones. So when an aged woman falls, there is a huge chance of hip fracture. Women over 65 years of age have 50% chance of falling and breaking the hip. Loss of minerals and density are the reasons of women’s problems. So, it is necessary to know about hip fracture and take precautions. In needed, doctors can advise you for fracture surgery. Check this website to find out more details.

Ways of prevention:

People with weak bone are definitely at risk of breaking their hip. So, it is necessary to take good care properly. People suffering from osteoporosis, should take help of medication. Along with this, a dose of calcium is required to make the bones strong enough. It will prevent any further loss of nutrients from the bones. People suffering from anterior hip fracture often go for anterior hip replacement. It is always better to get quick medical attention to recover fast. Many elderly people live in homes all alone. They are old enough to lose balance or there may be other reasons to fall suddenly. It is important to allow people to know what did happen to get quick medical help. It may not be possible for them to reach the phone to call someone. But it is also necessary. The good way is alert necklace by pushing the button you can let people know that you are in danger. It will be easy to get some help at the earliest.

For elderly people daily chores can be problematic. They can fall due to the lack of balance. Bathroom and toilets are places where these accidents happen. So, it is necessary to add benches or chairs. Handrails will allow elderly people more balance. It will prevent them from slipping and breaking the hip. Prevention is much better than arranging a treatment.

With low impact exercise a difference can be made. Water aerobics is an exercise that strengthens the muscle around the hip to provide more support. It can prevent the falls resulting into hip fracture. A painful fracture can make life miserable. The same applies to hip fracture. Follow the preventive rule to stay safe.