5 Common Causes Of Varicose Condition Of Veins

There is a common misconception that it is only the legs that can suffer from varicose condition. This is quite untrue; there is a fair possibility for any vein in your body to turn varicose. But the reason why your legs are more affected is since the entire pressure of the body is withheld by your feet. This condition is a direct depiction of blockages in the blood circulatory system. This is why you should not disregard this condition. How could one possibly identify whether they are having this issue? Go here https://www.doctorvein.com.au  for more information about vein centre. 

Here are 5 common causes!

  • The color of the veins change to either blue of purple
    Your veins are not supposed to be any other color than either red or colorless. Why? That’s since there is a layer of skin to cover everything up perfectly. Hence, if there is a very odd color like blue or purpsie appear in these veins, it could be a very clear symptom.
    • Swelling in the lower legs
      Human body is naturally constructed in such a way that there is space for each and every organ inside the body, only during perfectly healthy conditions. That’s why your legs tend to swell when you have varicose veins Melbournein your legs. When the veins are too entangled, the allocated space will be exceeded. That way, your legs will look bigger than they’re supposed to do. Hence, it is essential that you do not disregard any swelling of your legs since when untreated; you could end up with bleeding internally too.
      • Discomfort in sitting/standing for long time periods
        It would be quite an irritation if your legs were ironically hurting after standing for a long time. Although any person’s legs would hurt to the weight they carry on daily basis. But due to this condition, the amount of time that you can sustain will be lowered, and that will hinder your day-to-day life severely. This is exactly why considering a once and for all varicose vein treatment simply is a great idea. All you need to do is channeling a doctor who can fix it.
        • Consistent itching
          If the area around the veins are starting to itch, it means that the condition has gotten worse. The reason behind this is due to the clogging of the circulatory system hence the muscles do not have a good environment to sustain.
          • Extreme protruding
            Healthy legs do not have overly swollen veins. If you happened to have it, it is simply since you have a condition that needs to be treated. If not, it could reach to a point where surgical dismantling is the only solution.