Heat Your Bones With Hot Massage


Massage is the oldest therapy, used for the treatment of many types of diseases as well as for relaxing the body. There are many types of massage available for everyone, and the best part is, there is no side effect. Massage can be done with oil, without oil, heat, and many other ways. There is no restriction in the ways of massage, in fact, each and every type of massage can be very use full and is used for different types of treatments. These treatments don’t have any side-effects and are probably the best possible to treat some problems. There are many benefits of massage and involves only physical muscles and soft tissues of the body for the cure of many problems like moody behaviour, muscle strain, mental stress and many other problems. Massage helps in increasing the blood circulation and also increases the immunity system of the person. If your immunity system is good, you will have the fewer tendencies to fall for diseases.

Hot stone massage

In a relaxing hot stone massage, the basalt stones created by the volcanic activity are used. Countries like Russia, Japan, North America and Hawaii have developed this technique of massage several years ago. The surface of the stones is smooth because of the river beds or because of being tossed by the ocean for many years. These stones are used to massage the body in long flowing strokes to relax the unwind muscle tension and stress. If you ever choose the stone massage, you will know the feeling and you will surely appreciate that. The sensation in the body produced by the stones is something you might want to experience. Comparing the simple hand massage with the heated stone, the sliding of the heated stones over the body warms and relaxes the body much better way.


A variety of basalt stones is used over the body having different shapes and sizes. These stones are properly warmed before the use. It is very important that these stones must not be too hot for the massage. The feeling of getting in a warm bath or shower has the same sensation when the warm stones are placed on the body. It is important that the massage therapist must very experience so that there is no problem with the heating of the stones. The massage is very much relaxing, and you won’t even notice when you fall asleep.

Stones used for massage

Selection of hot stones depends on the shape, size and composition. Composition means the minerals which came together to create the stone. These minerals may be iron, copper, olivine, manganese, nickel and serpentine. The colour of the stones also differs from each other because of the composition.