Clothing for Disabled People – Things To Consider


People that are affected by certain medical conditions will look for clothing that is easy to manage. Adaptive clothing is something that is adapted and used much simpler fastenings to make dressing easier. Wheelchair users may find trousers in the high street shops mostly inappropriate because those are made for people who are in normal health condition. Disabled people need trousers that are made specifically for them such as, higher at the back when they sit.

Features of adaptive clothing

• Standard materials are used for disabled clothing but the design and sewn style will be different.
• Seams are smoother that avoids causing irritation to the skin.
• Wheelchair poncho or cape is warm enough to wear during winter season.
• Trousers have elastic waist bands all the way around, so older people do not need to concern about zip, button or other fastenings.

Buying adaptive clothing

Many companies, both at online and the offline market are offering this kind of clothing to suit disabled people or wheelchair users. Some renowned companies help disabled people to find the ideal solution for their clothing needs. Anyone can contact their customer care with queries regarding clothing for special needs.

In addition to clothes, there are some carefully designed accessories to solve certain disturbing issues. For example, if wheelchairs users try to self propel their jacket sleeves, then it may become dirty. They can avoid this by using transparent cuffs that covers the forearm part of the jacket and keeps the sleeves clean. You can find these cuffs in warm lined version to be used in winter season and can also use with warm lined cape.

Wheelchair snug is a popular winter product that both adults and children can use. Snug features a warm fleece lining with a waterproof outside shell that keeps your legs and feet dry and warm. With detachable lining, they are easy to wash and quickly wear without needed to stand. Wheelchair jeans are another popular product and a perfect option for many occasions.

They give a smart and casual look and can be worn along with the top and shoes to complement them. Wheelchair users will find this type of clothing better than standard jeans and feel more comfortable in them. You must measure properly before you order anything for special needs. It is necessary to avoid being disappointed when receiving something that is inappropriate or misfit.

Choose the most reliable and renowned shop to buy clothing for disabled people. Look at online sources for reviews and testimonials about shops that sell clothing for disabled people.

Listen to previous customers’ word of mouth and try their choices and check whether they are appropriate or fit your needs.