What Are Orthoses?

In case of the problems with the joints and limbs, there are a number of challenges faced by the affected. These problems with the skeletal and the muscular system can result because of any ailment, accident or other factors. The outcome of such challenges is a problem with the mobility, painful injury, misalignments and other similar conditions. To counter these problems the procedure called orthosis is used. It is a kind of device that comes in the shape of the braces that ultimately resolves all these problems associated with the body. There are specialized devices for every part of the body. The device is chosen according to the part of the body where it has to be implanted.

Types of orthoses

There are following classifications of orthoses from AFA Podiatry that are named after the region or part of the body where they are used to resolve the condition:

  • Upper-limb orthoses are further classified into eight further subdivisions. These orthoses meant for the upper limb are used to cure the problems with the forearm wrist thumb, clavicular and shoulder region, forearm wrist hand, elbow, forearm wrist, arm, hand and the upper extremity.
  • Lower limb orthoses are used for improving the problems with the feet, ankle and the knee region. Their further classification includes
  • Foot orthoses are similar to footbeds. They are placed within the shoe. The foot orthoses can be chosen according to the age, gender and the profession of the user.
  • AFO is generally known as Ankle-Foot orthosis. It is the kind of braces that are used to cover the entire part of the lower limb from the ankles to the foot. Their popular sub-divisions include tamarack flexure joint AFO, flexible AFO, and rigid AFO.
  • KAFO is meant for dealing with the part of the leg from the knee to the foot.
  • KO is a popular knee brace. It is used for the alignment of the knees these braces are also recommended for the patients suffering from arthritis.
  • Prophylactic braces are meant for the athletes who are involved in games in which there is a risk of ligaments getting damaged.
  • Functional braces are recommended to ensure recovery from the knee injury. These braces work great in supporting the knees and strengthening them.
  • Rehabilitation braces are specially designed for patients who are not allowed to move around due to some injury. They help them stay in their position comfortably.
  • Spinal orthosis is a specialized brace that is meant for recovering from the spinal injury. It is a great choice to cure the spine related problems like scoliosis, or fractures. The popular spine-related braces are the halo brace, Milwaukee brace, Jewett brace, Boston brace and the Charleston brace.

Things to remember

If your physician has asked you get hold of an orthosis brace then before buying one for your problems, keep in mind the following points:

  • Discuss the brace with your doctor and get the most comfortable brace to match your needs.
  • It must be the most appropriate one for the symptoms that were not cured previously.
  • A manufacturer’s warranty can make the braces further reliable and trustworthy.