What Do You Need To Know About Tooth Extraction

?Of course, everyone and dentists wish to save your teeth, but in some cases, plucking the tooth will be the best and healthy option for you. Tooth extraction is nothing but plucking the tooth from its socket. Before some years, people were undergoing tooth extraction for minor infections as well, as there were no antibiotics in those days, so dentists perform tooth extraction for curing the infection or illness. Now, the dentistry has undergone a lot of innovations that you could never imagine, but still, removing the tooth would be the best option at times. If your tooth is totally damaged owing to tooth decay, then removing the tooth remains the clever choice.

If you experience tooth breakage, you will be recommended to remove your tooth. There are two types of tooth extraction will be performed by the dentist, which are the simple tooth extraction and surgical tooth extraction. The simple tooth extraction will be done on the teeth that are visible in the mouth and this can be done by the general dentist. The surgical tooth extraction will be done to the teeth, which are not that easy to access. A reputed and specialist dentist is required to perform the surgical tooth extraction. If not you remove the tooth of time, then you will get some diseases such as, dental caries, cancer and more.

The wisdom tooth extraction Camberwell is not something that will be done just like that. You have to know what the dentist will perform during the tooth extraction.

You have to undergo the pre-extraction considerations. In this section, the dentist will thoroughly check your medical and dental history. If it is needed to be, you will be asked to undergo an X-ray for taking the picture of the affected area. If you have any medical problems or infected tooth or weak immune system, then your dentist will prescribe some antibiotics.

Once you are fit enough to take the tooth extraction treatment, then your dentist will carry the tooth extraction treatment. The local anesthesia will be injected to the affected tooth to desensitize the tooth. The dentist will use the forceps to pluck the tooth from the mouth.

As like the pre-extraction considerations, you have to now make sure about the aftercare. If you have undergone the simple tooth extraction, then your dentist will suggest the anti-inflammatory drug. If you have undergone the surgical tooth extraction, then your dentist will prescribe the pain medications.

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