How To Make Sure You Are Not Spoiling Your Eyesight Due To Your Occupation Or Hobbies?

If you’re doing a job that demands a lot from your vision, and you’re afraid it might spoil your eyesight, then here are a few suggestions to rest your fears…

Get them checked regularly

Getting a regular eye test Caulfield is vital; and that’s not something you should wait to start once your eye sight starts failing. Ideally, as a rule, most mothers are expected to get their child’s eyes checked by the time they hit 5 years; because issue detected at that time can be corrected much faster. But this particular checkup gets extremely important, when you choose an occupation that strains your eyes. If you already wear glasses, don’t wait until your glasses turn completely useless before you go back for a new prescription.

Protect your eyes against the computer glare

Since our world pretty much revolves around electronics, we won’t be surprise if you tell us that you switch quite often between your laptop screen and your phone’s screen. Dry and irritated eye as well as dull headaches that gradually build behind your eyes and in your forehead are also very obvious signs for eye strain. To prevent these from happening and inevitably ruining your eyesight, drop in at your local eye clinic Elwood, opt for anti glare spectacles and ask your optician to also prescribe drops to soothe your irritated eyes.

Take a break every two hours, or at the very least, a power nap

Eye strain is very common for those working long hours staring at a computer or even documents. To avoid it, and other back related complications, try to take a few minutes break every hour; or at the very least, every 2 hours. Walk around a bit, get your body moving, and stare off at the distance. If you work from home, or if your office has a quite corner, try to grab a 20-minutes power nap when things get a little overwhelming. Not only will you be giving your eyes a rest, you will also be boosting your energy and creativity. If you train yourself to nap for just 20-minutes, pretty soon you will not even need that alarm to wake you up from your nap.

Stop when you feel obvious signs of eye strain

Unless you absolutely have to, try your best to avoid pushing through and continuing your work when you feel and see those obvious signs of eye strain. Not only will prolonged practice of this habit result in long term ill effects on your vision, you will also notice that your fatigue is actually reducing your creativity and your work efficiency. Which means you’ll end up doing a pretty bad job of your task anyway. So when things get overwhelming, take a break from it.