What To Do If Your Child Gets Injured?

When your child gets injured, it’s like yourself got injured. Parents try their hardest to keep their children from getting hurt. But, sometimes, accidents happen, especially, to little kids. A kid is someone who is curious about everything. It’s inevitable that they get hurt. However, when they do get hurt, panicking solves no problem. It’s better to be prepared in case they do get injured. If your kid come home from school with a black eye, going to the school dragging your child with you, shouting and threatening to shut the school down, is not the best solution. The first priority should be, as always, your child. Treating the injury should be done first.

Take a Look

The first thing to do would be to calm your child down and take a look at the injury. Your child probably would be crying. Don’t shout at them to stop the crying. Talk to them gently and find out what exactly happened while you take a look at the injury. If it’s a big injury, or if any part of your child seems broken, going to a hospital straight away is the answer. If it’s a black eye, keep some ice over the eye and take the kid to get a children eye check here in case something has happened. If it’s a minor cut, start dressing the wound. Make sure to warn your child when it hurts. Try to distract them by talking to them while you’re dressing the wound. Ask them about an exciting thing they did, or tell them a story about something that happened to you and they will be sufficiently distracted. Another thing to remember is not to say I told you so, or scold them for getting themselves hurt. Explain to them gently why it’s better to be safe so that in the future they won’t get injured likes this.

Keep an Eye

Keep track of your child’s behavior for a few days from the day they got injured on. Dress the wound every day, after taking a bath. If your child suffered from a swelling or head injury, keep an extra eye on them. If they start vomiting after a few hours, take your child straight to the hospital. If it was an injury to the eye, or to the area around the eye, check if they complain about their vision or headaches. If they do, get a children lazy eye training HK done. It’s better to get it done even if they do not complain about not seeing things properly, just for good measure.

Teach Your Child

After the injury is healed, show your child the benefits of taking care of themselves and being careful. Talk to them about what would happen and also what to do, if something big happens. It’s better to teach them how to react in a situation like that.